Friday, April 4, 2008

sleep sheep

Sleep Sheep! sleep sheep saved my life. i only wish i'd had him earlier....sleep sheep is a plush sheep that makes soothing white noise sounds for your little one, like ocean (cole's favorite), mother's heartbeat, rain and whale song (which is a little weird, but whatever).
when cole was little(er), sometimes white noise was the ONLY thing that would calm him down. and you get very tired of shushing at them. now that he's older, it helps him fall asleep and, even better, can cover up some of the household nighttime noises. no, nothing interesting - more like emptying the dishwasher and watching "top chef" reruns.

the sheep attaches easily to a bassinet or crib with a sturdy velcro strap, is fluffity soft and has a timer so you can turn it on and sneak out of the room. the only problem? now i'm addicted to it, too.

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Mom said...

What a cool sheep. I want one. Actually, my kids are probably a bit past that. But he is very cute.