Saturday, April 5, 2008

kiehl's baby wash

kiehl's gentle foaming baby wash: strong enough for a baby, easy enough for a husband

do you really need to spend $20 on baby wash? probably not. but if you do, spend it on kiehl’s.

kiehl’s baby products are pediatrician-tested for sensitivity and allergies, so they're safe for even the most delicate of little tushies. most importantly, kiehl's baby washes smell g-r-e-a-t! and if you’ve incorporated the bath into your bedtime routine, like me, then you want to make sure you’re using something you don’t mind smelling every single day.

baby wash comes in two formulas: "gentle cleansing milk," which soothes and moisturizes dry baby skin, and "gentle foaming hair and body wash," which pumps right out into a foam – so easy, even your husband could do it!

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Rachel said...

sounds great -- we gave dylan his first bath the other night and he _hated_ the water. gotta love the irony that the little guy's middle name means 'ocean' in hawaiian. maybe the kiehl's baby wash will change his mind. :)