Sunday, April 6, 2008

gilligan & o'malley nursing tank tops

are you breastfeeding your little one? are you tired of the new-mom-trying-not-to-show-too-much-boob dance? or perhaps you prefer the exposing-the-boob-while-trying-not-to-pull-up-your-shirt and show-everyone-your-post-partum-belly dance?

okay, for the 100th time, i know this looks like me, but i can *promise* you it's not.gilligan & o'malley nursing tanks are the solution. every nursing mom i know has a closet full of these. why waste your money on some fancy nursing shirt that you (hopefully) won't be wearing forever? gilligan & o'malley tanks are available at target (everyone's favorite store), come in black, white & gray and are only $16.99. (i've also heard rumors of new colors.... the things that excite me these days! woo!)

now you can save the rest of your money to buy new shoes, since the old ones no longer fit on your post-baby feet.

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