Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bright start carrier toy bar
i may not look like much, but i am AWESOME!my friend jen was having a hard time trying to get her son oliver to sleep at night.

one day, she and oliver came over to play and commiserate and saw cole's bright start carrier toy bar. cole was obsessed with it. he kept spinning the little bees around like a madman. i told jen that it's great to keep cole entertained in the car, since it just velcros right onto the car seat. jen noticed that oliver thought it was pretty cool, too.
no, not my baby, but some kid who likes this as much as mine does
that night when she got home and put oliver to bed, she gently laid him down in his crib and whispered, "ollie, if you sleep through the night tonight, i swear i'll get you that toy that cole has."

he fell asleep and didn't wake up until 6am.

jen immediately went to target and bought ollie a bright start carrier toy bar of his very own.

this is a true story.

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