Tuesday, April 8, 2008

flor modular carpet tiles


okay, so your little one is too young to spill grape juice on the carpet, but it's only a matter of time. and until then, you can expect spit-up, sticky fingers, drool and scores of other wondrous messes, all courtesy of your adorable baby.

time to get rid of that soft fluffy shag carpet you had in mind. too hard to clean and too easy to lose miscellaneous lego pieces that you will later find with your bare feet. turn instead to flor.

flor carpet tiles are great for baby and kid's rooms. they're easy to install and come in a wide variety of kid- and parent-friendly colors, textures and patterns. want a sassy jigsaw pattern? soft pink cloud-like texture? rough-and-tumble wool blends? go to flor. and since they come in tiles, if you spill on one you can just lift it up, rinse it off and put it back! (or in case of emergencies, completely replaced.)

flor carpet tiles are thick enough to withstand foot traffic (both big and small) and soft enough for crawling babies to roll around on. they're also sturdy enough to support a myriad of toy trucks driving around, a weiner dog running all over them and a few falling almost-walkers. the best part about these tiles? once put together, they look like one big carpet and no one will know your secret but me.

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