Thursday, April 24, 2008

door signs - tree by kerri lee

you are getting sleepy.... at least the sign says

tree by kerri lee makes beautiful handmade baby goods for your little one. she has gorgeous vintage-inspired wall art, picture frames and handmade blocks. but our favorites are the little doorknob signs.

my mom got this one for us to replace the frilly frou frou "baby is sleeping" lace covered, ruffle-edged door sign someone thoughtfully got us at our baby shower. it was very sweet, and we appreciate the thought, and promise i wrote the nicest thank-you note in the whole wide world, but sorry, sign - you now live in the closet. tree's doorknob signs come in sheep, bunny, puppy, elephant, monkey and bear.

we now have this sweet, handmade "asleep/awake" sign at the entry to cole's room. and you can bet that i flip it over to "asleep" every time he goes down for bed in the hope that the power of suggestion will lead to a very, very long nap.

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