Tuesday, April 29, 2008

boobie tuesday! soothies gel pads

soothies: a new mom's best friendwww.soothies.com

if you're not a mom, i have a secret for you: breastfeeding is hard. i know - it seems easy, doesn't it? and it is.... eventually. but at first it is tough. it's not as intuitive as you think it'll be, the lactation consultants in the hospital are all totally humorless and it hurts like, well, like a mother.

enter soothies gel pads. soothies are cooling gel pads you can slap directly on your poor, sore breasts for instant relief. cooling gel on one side and fabric on the other, soothies are totally safe for brand new and nursing moms. you can find them in most local drugstores and use them for up to three weeks of soothing support.

i'm about to give away one of my tricks of the trade and tell you about my New Mom Survival Kit. when one of my good friends has a baby, i take her a bag of things i really needed during my first few days at home. in that bag? a dozen bagels, a package of newborn sized pampers swaddlers and a set of soothies gel pads.

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