Thursday, April 17, 2008

haba toys - "triangle clutching toy"

haba toy company makes really great toys for your little ones. they have lots of fun and interactive toys, but they're especially loved for their wooden toys. a little haba sheep with wooden limbs was the very first toy my husband bought for cole when we were pregnant.

cole's latest haba favorite? the triangle, awesomely and accurately described on the box as "triangle clutching toy." it has bright colors and is the perfect size for tiny hands to grab and bang against your furniture.

haba pursues ecologically safe systems of production and is the first german toy company to pass eco-audit requirements. they also use only water-based colors and varnishes, so you don't have to worry about your little one gnawing away. two great reasons not to feel guilty about buying your little dictator another toy they don't need!


Michael said...

I love Haba too, especially toys like these building blocks!

ek said...

michael - awesome! thanks so much for the link. we can always use more toy suggestions! :)