Friday, April 4, 2008

day one center

for all my bay area mommies.... day one is the best! need advice on a nursing bra? want to take a class on introducing solids to your baby? looking for someplace to buy toys and tiny socks? got someplace to call and ask how long breastmilk lasts in the fridge? (answer: about 3 days.)

day one center is the perfect go-to resource for moms and moms-to-be. they're a support group, baby store and education center all in one. they have great playgroups based on age and awesome classes like "dad and baby massage" that you can make your husband attend.

day one is like disneyland for new and expectant moms.

before and after my son was born, day one saved my life. my obgyn (who i love and has two young boys of her own) first suggested day one center to me before i'd even heard of it. on my first visit, i not only became a member, but i signed up for childbirth, child care, breastfeeding and breast pump classes. then, after my son was born, i visited them for lactation help, new mom groups, sleep classes, infant and child cpr instruction and to buy swaddle blankets and toys my son didn't need.

i love day one. located in san francisco (laurel heights), palo alto and coming soon to walnut creek.

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