Thursday, April 3, 2008

rubis baby nail scissors

soft-tipped scissors! sassy elephant case!

have you ever cut a baby's fingernails? no? you should - it's AWESOME! between your little guy squirming around and deciding he hates you to being terrified that you're going to cut your baby's fingers off, it's quite an experience. what could be better?

we got ten million pair of "specially designed baby fingernail clippers." they all sucked. the pair with the magic finger guard, the pair with the built in magnifying glass that even my engineer husband didn't know how to use..... each pair left me more terrified than the last.

to help make it easier, use rubis' baby nail scissors. they come in a cute little elephant case so they look innocuous and have soft, rounded tips to protect inquisitive fingers. the blades have a slight curve, making cutting baby's nails quick and easy. and unlike nail clippers, you can actually see what you're doing!

the blades on the scissors are sharp enough so you only have to cut once, but the blunt ends help you worry less about poking your darling little angel. they're not cheap, but trust me - they're worth every penny. my advice? buy them up front. it'll be better than the ten pair of clippers you'll be throwing out. because once you use rubis' baby nail scissors, there's no going back.

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