Friday, May 2, 2008

skip hop playspot: interlocking foam tiles

protect baby noggins!  buy a foam playmat!

now that cole is crawling, i realize all furniture in my house might as well be made of barbed wire. things i never realized were hazardous before i suddenly realize are Really! Dangerous! for Babies!

even our hardwood floor doesn't seem as innocuous as it did last week. baby trying to pull himself up on furniture = baby almost guaranteed to fall down and bonk his head on the ground.

i'd seen a few of these foam playmats around in stores and at friends' houses, but boy, were they ugly. nothing i'd want in my living room, that was for sure. then i discovered skip hop playspot - interlocking foam tiles.

skip hop playspot comes in three different colors to match your decor - brown & pink (shown), blue & gold and brights. easy to put together, attractive AND affordable? sign me up!

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