Thursday, May 1, 2008

infantino shop&dine deluxe savvy seat

ignore the long and complicated name..... infantino's shop&dine savvy seat is fantastic.

you're taking your little guy to whole foods for another organic produce run and he's finally big enough to sit in the shopping cart! watch out apples - baby on board!woo hoo! no more fitting all your groceries in the bottom of the stroller! no more trying to reach things on the bottom shelf with a baby strapped to your stomach! but that shopping cart is gross and your little guy may be a wee bit too small to fit in the seat.

solution - infantino's shop&dine savvy seat. the savvy seat is a fabric seat cover with elasticized sides to fit snugly over any grocery cart or restaurant high chair. it's got hooks for toys, a built-in seat belt and two little toys that already come with it (a squeaky lion and a teething ring) - enough to keep your baby occupied. it also comes with a little tote that you can fold up and carry the seat in wherever you go so it's easy to bring the shop&dine seat to restaurants, grocery stores, or our favorite - target.

between the sassy pattern, the seat belt, the attached toys and the extra loops for you to clip your own toys onto we've found infantino's seat cover to be the best of the bunch. the fabric tote is big enough for you to be able to stuff the shop&dine seat into easily (really - who has time to fold things neatly when trying to get baby and groceries in the car?) but not so big that it's obtrusive.

caution: infantino's shop&dine savvy seat will protect your baby from germy grocery carts, but it will not protect you from having to keep your baby from trying to grab all the fuji apples within reach at the grocery store.

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