Saturday, May 31, 2008

happiest baby on the block by harvey karp

swaddle me! shush in my ear! i promise i'll love it!

when i was pregnant and visiting my parents, their across the street neighbor came by to say hello and congratulations. she also happens to be an ob nurse.

"that's such great news! congratulations!" was the first thing she said.

"have you read 'happiest baby on the block'?" was the second.

she was the first, but she wouldn't be the last to recommend "the happiest baby on the block." i heard about this book from friends, family and even in my "newborn care" class.

people speak about harvey karp in reverential, hushed tones, and i was determined to figure out why. then i realized: it's because he is a god.

harvey karp, md, was one of the leading doctors to usher back in a generation of swaddled babies. calling the first three months of your baby's life "the fourth trimester" (accurately, i believe), dr. karp and "the happiest baby on the block" will help you to calm your little one using the 5 S's technique. i was advised to watch the dvd in addition to/instead of reading the book, which was a great suggestion, as it's one thing to read about these techniques and another to see them in action.

i'll admit, i was doubtful. and as if to punish for me for my doubt, my first born son was incredibly colicky. he cried so much one day as a newborn i called my husband at work and begged him to come home. we did get some relief, however, from the happiest baby on the block. whether playing white noise and shushing at a million decibels in my son's ear, wrapping him up tightly like a burrito or rocking him back and forth, the happiest baby on the block's tips at least helped my crying child not be the unhappiest baby on the block.

and for that, i am grateful. but not as grateful as i am that he is now sleeping through the night.

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