Friday, May 23, 2008

a public apology to my husband

some of you may have read my post about "porn for new moms," and one of the people that read that post was my husband.

yes, this is actually my husband and little husband, who promptly wrote me an e-mail saying, "You already have 'a good looking man smiling and holding babies and writing thank-you notes and folding laundry.' Why the *sigh*?"

i apologize.

he is right.

my husband is a great father, always reading books out loud and walking the dog at night and folding the laundry and buying kiehl's baby wash for our little dictator and, quite frankly, doing much more housekeeping than i personally care to do.

so here's to you, honey. i'm sorry. and please consider this your father's day present. :)

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