Friday, May 2, 2008

little giraffe blankets

i am snuggly soft and make a wonderful baby gift!

a few years ago, long before i was even pregnant, one of my girlfriends was expecting and i went to her baby shower. i was determined to get her the Best Present Ever!

so i looked around and tucked away in a cute children's boutique i found a little giraffe blanket. it was the coziest thing i'd ever felt - made of snuggly chenille with a sumptuous satin trim. it came in beautiful soft colors and was coming home with me!

fast forward to my baby shower last year. i opened up one of the boxes and..... HOORAY! my friend katrina got me a little giraffe blanket! all was right in the world! and let me tell you, we used that blanket for everything. in the car, in the stroller, on our laps, to lay down on the floor, in a box, with a fox, you name it.

oh, and at my friend's shower? well, she got ten million blankets that day. but i knew mine was the best. (and i also at that moment decided against opening presents at my own shower so that no one would know they were the ten millionth blanket giver.)

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Rachel said...

i want one in california king size!
dylan has 2 of his own. lucky...