Thursday, May 8, 2008

peek-a-who by nina laden

peek-a-you know the

peek-a-who is cole's favorite book. my husband reads it to him every morning before he leaves for work. cole will actually stop what he's doing to listen to the words. and then he eats the book.

peek-a-who is a great little board book with rhyming words and cut-outs. each page begins "peek-a....." and then you and your little one can turn the page to discover that the cow pattern is really a cow (peek-a-moo), the animal patterns are a bunch of animals (peek-a-zoo) and the mirror is a baby (peek-a-you)!

the best part about peek-a-who and other board books is that they're easy for baby to grab, turn the pages, and, of course, nibble on. our peek-a-who is already quite "well-loved," and my son is only 9 months old. so it might be best to buy two copies for when they eat through the first one.

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