Sunday, June 15, 2008

sassy "who loves baby?" photo album

my friend's mother in law lives out of town, and as my friend says, "she's desperately trying to imprint herself on my son. every time we see my mother in law, she leans over my son chanting 'it's your grandma! it's your grandma!' she is making me crazy."

save yourself from the it's-your-grandmas with this great product from sassy. the "who loves baby?" book is made of soft vinyl and designed to hold up to 6 pictures of family members or loved ones (or the family weiner dog) so that baby can learn who's who.

photos are safely ensconced in plastic to protect them from overeager droolers excited to see pictures of their daddies and the grip handle also serves as a teether. easy to clean pages mean that baby can drag "who loves baby?" to every mealtime and escape sparkly clean. what better and more delicious way to learn how popular you are?

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