Sunday, June 22, 2008

i play baby wear - sun & swim gear for baby

it's officially summer, and by my estimation, it has been no less than 700° here in san francisco lately. damn global warming.

we took cole for his first "swim" at my folks' place a few weeks ago during the last heat wave and realized a few things. firstly, he needed a swimsuit. secondly, he inherited his mother's glow-in-the-dark pale skin and would need some serious sun protection.

i play baby wear makes just what you need for baby's summer outings. their hats come in many different styles and are made of UPF 50+ sun protective fabric, perfect for protecting baby's delicate face and neck. the hats are lightweight and water-resistant and come in a number of prints, just in case the one you happened to pick out has been deemed "dorky" by your husband.

i play baby wear also makes one- and two-piece "sunsuits" to protect your baby during a day out at the beach. made of i play's UPF 50+ nylon/spandex material, the sunsuits help save your baby with sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays.

we also got cole i play's "ultimate swim diaper" for when daddy helped him zip around in the pool. with the ultimate swim diaper, no other diaper is necessary. it looks like a little speedo, but has a waterproof layer to prevent leakage and a patent pending design that helps contain, um, "accidents" both in and out of the pool. no more worrying about baby at the beach! the ultimate swim diaper is built into i play's entire basic swimwear line, including trunks, board shorts, sunsuits, bikinis tanksuits and even little baby tankinis.

thanks to i play, now your little one can be stylish and safe during those 3 martini playdates by the pool. welcome to summer!

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