Tuesday, June 24, 2008

boobie tuesday! medela sleep nursing bra


hey, ladies. you're looking good. real good. you know what would be even sexier? medela's sleep nursing bra.

okay. maybe it's not hottest thing since la perla, but medela's sleep nursing bra is a necessity for nursing moms during those early months.

you're barely sleeping and the little sleep you have is interrupted by your tiny hungry baby. time to stumble out of bed, feed baby, fall asleep while feeding baby and then stumble back to bed. hopefully you remembered to put baby back in his crib at some point. can anything make it a little easier?

medela's sleep nursing bra is super comfy and lightweight with no annoying tags to bother you while you sleep. it's machine washable and pretty durable and you can pull it on right over your head. the smart pull-back design allows for easy feeding and also holds nursing pads in place while you sleep. the 95% cotton 5% spandex material is breathable and stretchy and perfect now that we're entering the warm summer nights. i'd buy three to rotate in your lounge-wear repertoire.

medela's sleep nursing bra is so comfortable that at least your bra won't keep you from sleeping at night... although your baby may.

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