Monday, June 23, 2008

alex toys "talk of the tub"

as cole gets more and more aware of things, it seems he now demands to be entertained. no more lying on his back, staring at the ceiling - now there's always got to be something going on.

the nightly bath also is apparently not as fascinating as it used to be, despite all the awesome songs i sing and hilarious faces i make. i must not be as entertaining as i think i am. time for tub toys!

my mother-in-law got us this great little bath cell phone. alex toys makes an entire series of fun "rub a dub" tub toys for baby. we love "talk of the tub" - a little soft plastic cell phone that actually rings when wet. i don't know about your child, but mine is obsessed with phones. cell phones, cordless phones, television remote controls that look like phones - they're all fair game.

talk of the tub is cole's new favorite thing , since after all, he has lots of business calls to make from the bath before bedtime. what better way to multi task?

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