Friday, June 6, 2008

jj cole bundle me

what are you waiting for? bundle me!

welcome to another one of my absolute favorite baby shower gifts and winner of our little dictators seal of approval!

i am crazy about jj cole's bundle me. better than a blanket, the bundle me acts as a little sleeping bag that you can fasten into baby's car seat, stroller or jogger. soft velcro openings allow safety straps to come through and baby to be securely fastened in.

although we have some blankets that i love, for running out and about, the bundle me is the best bet. it zips up the sides to keep baby snuggly warm and there are no loose ends to get tied up in your stroller wheels or closed in the car door by accident. (um..... not that this has ever happened to me. recently.)

the bundle me comes in three great and different warmths. the original has a plush shearling lining and soft fleece exterior. the urban has a rain-proof quilted outside with soft microsuede inside. the lite, which was my baby shower gift to my friends with spring babies, has the soft thickness of a summer blanket with sassy stiching on the outside.

for some crazy reason, i waited until cole was a few months old before investing in the bundle me. i kept thinking, "why spend the money when we have 100 different blankets?" but i was oh so wrong. for heading outdoors or even in the car, the bundle me is far superior and well worth the money. which is why every new mom i know gets one from me as a present.

after all, as i always say: why blanket when you can bundle me?

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Rachel said...

i have to say that the bundle me and the cushy straps have been the biggest winners out of the entire mess of gear that we've gotten. thanks for both of them! in fact, dylan loves them so much that he wants to sleep in his carseat all the time. sometimes for 8 hour stretches! didn't you call it 'carcolepsy'? like mom, like baby!