Thursday, July 3, 2008

skip hop pronto mini changer - skip hop pronto mini changer

4th of july weekend! time to travel with your tot! also time to figure out how to change your baby on the go without bringing your entire changing table on the road.

skip hop, one of my favorite modern baby companies, is here to rescue you. skip hop's pronto is a mini changing table wrapped up into an easy and attractive package. when open, you've got a good size changing pad that not only wipes clean, but has a removable head pillow to make your little dictator as comfortable as possible. not only that, there's an included wipes case and a generous-sized mesh pocket for your delicate baby's many creams and ointments.

when closed, skip hop's pronto is small enough to tote around easily with a strap to carry on your wrist or clip to your stroller. there's also a front zipper pocket to throw your car keys or other personal items in while you're running around.

i wish i'd had one of these when we took cole on a plane - it would have been much easier and more attractive than my homemade intricate ziploc bag system.

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