Wednesday, July 9, 2008

mustela high sun protection lotion spf 50

it's hot. so hot, in fact, that it's actually cooler outside than it is in my house. time to pack up my son and head to the park!

my 11-month-old son has been blessed with my husband's good looks and my casper-the-ghost white skin. as a consequence, he will now be subjected to me slathering him in sunscreen every time we leave the house.

but not any sun lotion will do! mustela, the brand known for their excellent baby and mommy skin products, has a wonderful sun protection lotion that comes in a casper-friendly spf 50.

formulated specifically for babies over 6 months, mustela's high sun protection lotion comes in both a hand-lotion sized package and a convenient lip gloss sized tube, which can be easily slipped into your pocket as you head out the door. their water- and sweat-resistant formula glides on easily without leaving a sticky feeling behind.

mustela's sun protection lotion contains both titanium and zinc oxide for maximum protection against those harmful summer rays but is still fragrance-free and delicate enough to use on baby's sweet face. just make sure you smooth the lotion in, or it's whiteness will really leave your child looking like a friendly ghost.

you can even use it on your own sensitive skin! just make sure you leave a little for baby.

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