Friday, August 1, 2008

SwaddleDesigns: blankets, burp cloths and lovies

one of my best friends - who's pregnant herself - asked me for new baby gift suggestions yesterday. i was forced to reveal to her some of my favorite "can't fail" baby presents, knowing full well that she'd be the recipient of most if not all of them. i've already shared two: the bundle me and trumpette socks.

there was one go-to gift, however, that i had yet to post. my knight in shining armor, swaddle designs. they have great gifts that would please any mom-to-be.

swaddle designs makes THE best swaddle blankets. don't let anyone talk you into getting anything else. we swaddled cole until he was almost 5 months old, so believe me when i tell you that i am the swaddle master, and the swaddle designs blanket was my savior.

swaddle designs swaddle blankets are big enough to actually wrap up your little one snugly without any middle-of-the-night jailbreaks, and cute enough to use just as a regular blanket. they are made of pre-shrunk cotton flannel, come in lots of patterns and styles and are even available in certified organic cotton for little green babies.

swaddle designs also makes sturdy but sweet burp cloths (that match the blankets, of course) with a super-absorbent center panel and stylish fabric stripes. they're perfect for cleaning up little messes and are attractive enough to break out in front of childless company.

and there's more! swaddle designs gives us little lovies - for the uninitiated, small fuzzy security blankets for your tot to tote on trips. theirs have a silky satin border for baby to snuggle with and a touchy-feely middle. at 14"x14", the perfect size to take to bed, to grandma's house or, let's face it, everywhere.

the good news? my friend now has a great baby present to give. the bad news? she will not be at all surprised when she gets her baby presents from me. sorry, jen!

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